Six Months Off

On March 1st I’ll be starting a six month journey into a different way of life from how I have been living.  For the past 22 years I’ve been working at a faster pace than most with a level of responsibility that can be described as heavy.

These six months will be centered on peeling away habits I no longer wish to keep. Habits that have served me well to navigate my career and raise my children, I hope to replace with habits that will serve me better in my new career and through the changes in life as a mother of three young adult college students.

I plan to return to graduate school in September in some ways picking up where I left off when I walked away from my scientific career 16 years ago.  The content I’ll be focusing on is different but shares the space of reproduction and women’s health with my former work and graduate research.

Brent and I will be traveling a fair amount and I’ll try to capture the highlights here.  We’ll be visiting many national parks as well as cities and people we love.  We’ve invited the kids along for their work and school breaks but so far the response has been less than enthusiastic…transitions…

Below is a photo I took four years ago on a solo hike in Glacier National Park.  I will never forget the religious experience I had that day listening to nature and just breathing in and out.  That trip lasted only five days.  It was way too short.