Catching Up!


It’s been almost a month since I posted an update on our travels, partly because the traveling was keeping us so busy there was no time to write and partly because I had to sit for my graduate school interviews this past week.  Because we were asked to be prepared to discuss our proposed research I was essentially conducting a mini-lit review and meeting with experts in my area of proposed study for the 10 days between our return to San Francisco and my interviews.

It was an extremely nerve-wracking experience but I’m thrilled to share that I was admitted to the Masters of Science degree program in Global Health Sciences at UCSF.  I received my acceptance letter 24 hours after my interview and that was not a moment too soon.  All I can say is thank goodness for Brent who spent the better part of those waking 24 hours convincing me to stop worrying and stop planning to attend my second choice school: UC Berkeley. 🙂  UCSF’s Global Health Sciences program is the exact right fit for me and I can hardly wait to begin!



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