Native Americans, The University of Illinois, and Ignorance

Indian children taken from their tribal homes and placed in boarding schools against their parents’ will.

Perhaps the most absurd statement that is repeatedly used by those who think having a dancing Native American at sporting events is a great idea is, “The mascot is meant to respect Native American traditions.”  I can assure you the people who believe and say such things are in no position to determine what is or is not respectful to Native Americans. Continue reading “Native Americans, The University of Illinois, and Ignorance”

Art and Exhibitions: Edward S. Curtis: 100 Masterworks


Currently on exhibit at the Palm Springs Art Museum through May 29, Edward S. Curtis:100 Masterworks tells a gripping story of the North American Indians.  Arguably the most comprehensive collection of historical and emotional documentation of the Native Americans during the early 1900’s.  When we planned our Palm Springs trip and realized one of Brent’s favorite photographers and one of my favorite subjects would be on display we could hardly wait to arrive!  I highly recommend exploring this exhibition if you’re in Palm Springs before it closes.  Otherwise check out any of a number of books covering his work.


Asheville, NC: part 1



From Anderson we made our way to Asheville sometime in late March.  I’m terribly behind in updating this blog and am trying now to catch up in between being an adventurer, girlfriend, and mom.  Towers finally decided to get a drivers license and deal with his pesky wisdom teeth which means we’ve been spending some good quality time together. 😊   Continue reading “Asheville, NC: part 1”