Arrive, Palm Springs Hotel


I love a really good hotel that is reasonably priced for its market.  Their restaurant, ice-cream shop, pool with ample cabanas with fire pits, and service were all spot-on.  There are the fundamentals as well as the vibe to consider and I give Arrive an A+ on both.  All rooms at Arrive have king size beds, a desk, leather chair with ottoman Apple TV, and well-appointed showers and vanities.  Depending on where you book your room: directly with the hotel or on a discount site you’ll find rooms from $300-160 in May.

We stayed three nights and were asking ourselves on our last day why we only booked three nights.  Then we were reminded of obligations we have back in San Francisco.

I won’t go into a play-by-play of the entire stay but just to give you a taste of how relaxing it was… When we arrived and checked in at their ultra-chill beautifully designed bar to get our room keys, we were offered complimentary cocktails.  We checked in around 6pm, unpacked our things, and soon found ourselves relaxing in the hot tub with the most delicious drinks.  Since it was a bit too early for dinner we relaxed in front of a fire and enjoyed the view of the San Jacinto mountains and the sunset.

We got dressed for dinner and enjoyed what they characterize as “modern Southern California cuisine”.  We ended our evening with their homemade ice-cream back in front of the fire enjoying the night sky.

The food in their restaurant Reservoir was so delicious that it was hard for us to leave the hotel to try different restaurants.  In fact for the duration of our trip we only ate elsewhere twice: we had cocktails and a snack at the The Purple Palm and our anniversary dinner at Workshop Kitchen + Bar.  Breakfast and lunch were just as delicious as dinner.  The best part is that besides the beautiful open air restaurant, you can also eat poolside, in the cabanas, or at the bar.

Getting the pool scene right is tough.  There are so many things to consider.  Because I’ve been lounging by the pool since I was four I have all sorts of ideas about how it should go.  Here are my key criteria:

  1. Perfect weather: no clouds, warm enough to wear a swimsuit and want to go in the pool to cool off around every 45 minutes
  2. Gentle sounds: no obnoxious noise which basically means no obnoxious people, nice music playing overhead, quiet enough to take a nap
  3. Pool Temperature and Size: 88 degrees Fahrenheit and at least 40 meters in length with enough width for 4 imaginary lanes
  4. Food and Drink: should be available in close proximity and allowed to consume poolside, waiters equal bonus points
  5. Human Density: people=<number of lounge chairs
  6. Hot Tub: there should be one and it should be large enough to not have to make eye contact with strangers
  7. Shade: there should be options for taking a break from the sun and still continue to read your book

The pool at Arrive nailed each of my key criteria and then some.  Side tables at every lounge chair shaped as the state of California and an abundance of well-behaved dogs from fellow guests…what more could you ask for?

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