Intellectual Discourse


With a bit of extra time on my hands I’m becoming consumed with our nation’s history, politics, and judicial system.  The white Stanford rapist who received a misdemeanor sentence for a violent felony against a woman, Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, and the massacre in Orlando have left me feeling like I’m watching a movie about a dystopian society. Continue reading “Intellectual Discourse”

Let’s See…Where Were We? March-May



My dear friend Chris Michel asked me last week what have been the highlights so far of our travels.  For a second I couldn’t remember where we had just been and where we  were going next.  This moment of disorientation led us to a conversation about the right amount of time to plan for travel, experience the place to which you’re traveling, and time post-travel to reflect.  Clearly I do not have enough time post-travel to reflect or pre-travel to plan. Continue reading “Let’s See…Where Were We? March-May”