Mr. Trump, you’re wrong. We’re nothing alike and we don’t want the same things.


Dear Mr. Trump,

I tried my best to avoid any news coverage of your inauguration because it makes me ill that you are now commanding my country.  But I found myself intrigued to see how Hillary Clinton found the strength to attend this series of unfortunate events.  So when a news story appeared on my google search page indicating you made some sort of gracious nod to Hillary’s attendance, I had to see what it was about.  You can read the quote here but strangely the video with you speaking these words has mysteriously disappeared from the Internet.

I’m glad you made a point to acknowledge her presence.  I mean come on, what other human being alive or dead has that kind of composure to attend such an event, given she was the person the majority of the American people actually voted for to become our president, not you.  Surreal can’t even begin to capture it.  Remember when you called her a nasty woman during the debate and said you were going to put her in jail?  But here is where you made my tears start again, when you said at this inauguration lunch in Hillary’s presence, “We are all good people and we all want the same things.”  Then you laughed and tried to make light of what you’ve done and plan to do.  You attempted to make a joke of the gravity of decision making involved in your despicable cabinet choices, each of them a threat to the foundations of democracy, by chiding the Senate minority leader Schumer suggesting you know he’s going to approve each of your cabinet picks quickly.  Seriously?  Do you think this is a television show?  You did make a reference to central casting in the video clip of the inauguration lunch.

You really should ask someone else to do all of your speaking.  You can’t even begin to understand how ignorant you appear to even the most sophomoric of onlookers.  You’re a dunce, a rich one, but still a dunce.  The only reason I’m not worried anymore about you initiating a nuclear war is because I don’t actually think you’re smart enough to memorize the codes.  Or if you have a work-around for memorizing them I’m holding faith that some General will put you in handcuffs and declare you unfit to serve before they’ll let you use the codes.

But back to your comment that spurred me to write this piece.  To quote you again, “We are all good people and we all want the same things.”  We aren’t all good people and we don’t all want the same things.  Your platform and Hillary’s platform were extremely different.  You’re a bad person and many of us who think so also think many of the people who helped elect you are also bad people.  Because at the end of the day, a democracy is held accountable to and by the people who elect its leaders.  So your supporters will be held just as accountable as you when this mess is over.  After you cause damage to the civil rights of all, our economy, the planet, and to our global relationships, you’ll go back to your obscene gold tower leaving all the people to clean up your mess.  Maybe that’s part of your big job creation plan?

And this is the point.  That’s why you lost the popular vote by millions.  We don’t all want what you are planning to do and it terrifies us that you somehow swindled your way into this office.  What does Putin have on you anyway?  The extreme differences between us and you and the minority of Americans who voted for you, are not light-hearted politics.  No.  They are fundamental differences in human decency and an understanding of the Constitution.   Those of us who are nothing like you or the people who voted for you are scared to death to watch you and your Right-Wing-Fundamentalist-Christian-first vice president unleash your psychotic brand of governance upon this great nation that has worked so hard to move away from hatred and inequity and still had so much to do.  But now after these four years are over we will have even more work to do.

It would be convenient for your statement to be true, wouldn’t it?  It would be better for you and your kind if we were all alike because then you might be better just by having some similarity to us.  But you’re not like us at all.  The people you were referring to, implying we were all alike, were the very people who are wondering when you’re going to get impeached, or worse, when someone is going to attempt to harm you or storm the palace, I mean the White House.

In closing, I’ve worked with many billionaires in my career and they all seemed to have shared characteristics around critical thinking, judgement, consideration, leadership, innovation, and higher-order intelligence.  I found it fascinating to observe these similarities and draw conclusions about what it must take to build organizations with such scalable value that deliver returns to shareholders and change the world for the better.  These billionaires were also philanthropists, that’s why I had the privilege to work with them.  But you, you’re absolutely nothing like any of them as best I can tell.  You’re certainly not philanthropic as a billionaire should be or I would know about it because there aren’t that many people in the country who work in principal gifts and we all talk to each other.  Principal gifts are individual gifts of $10 million and above, in case you didn’t know.  But besides not being a real philanthropist like the billionaires I’ve worked with, you’ve also never built anything that has changed the world or delivered value to the masses, you’ve only delivered value to yourself and your family.  So let’s see how you’re going to translate those real-estate, television, junk jewelry, beauty pageant skills into helping the masses with their multisectoral, complex issues holding them back from prosperity.  If the American people just wanted an outsider, there were so many better options, if only they had run.

Here’s to wishing for your swift impeachment.


A Nasty Woman