Hi!  My name is Tammy.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m making some life changes and decided to document a portion here.  I have three adult children who’ve evolved to need/want less and less of my attention at the same time I met the man of my dreams.  Those two things alone mean huge life changes!

I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting on how my life and career have evolved as the primary, and for the past many years, sole provider and caregiver for my offspring and this has led to even more reflecting on what I want my life to look like now that I can turn my attention a bit towards my needs.  Being loved everyday by the man of my dreams has opened up a part of my brain I don’t think had been used before.  It’s pretty great.

I’ve worked rather diligently for the past 22 years attempting to make the world a better place for a variety of constituencies.  The universe and a few chance encounters with global health leaders reminded me what it feels like to know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing at this exact moment.  And so that it what I’m doing.

I’m currently on a six month sabbatical from work before I start graduate school in September of 2016.  We are trotting around the US and a few other continents in the meantime.

You’re welcome to follow along here.

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